Sturgeon Fishing Trips
Castin St Clair Guide Service
 8  Hour Trip     
What To Bring
*  Warm Clothes
*  Rain Gear
*  Camera
*  food / drinks
*Sturgeon Fising requires an  All Species Fishing license
$100 deposit required at time of  booking
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100 % Catch & Release!
Sturgeon fishing on the St Clair River is one the best in North America. Catcihng 10+ in a trip isn't uncommon.  We have caught as many as 4 over 60" in one night with the biggest measuring over 72 inches. The battles with these prehistoric monsters  are something to remember. There is never a dull moment when Sturgeon fishing.. we catch fish the whoie time. Catfish, carp, suckers, bass, rockbass,  sheephead, silverbass, and of course Sturgeon, it is a good time. Sturgeon fishing is 100% catch and release. Book your trip now for a chance at the biggest fish that swims in Michigan Waters!!!